Religion-and-Spirituality – The Uniqueness and Divergence Between the Two

Religion-and-Spirituality – The Uniqueness and Divergence Between the Two

Posted on Feb 25, 2017 in Religion and Spirituality

Religion as well as spirituality are linked to each other. However,  at the same time, they are very different from each other. Even though both these are associated with faith, there are very divergent ideologies followed by each. Religion consists of beliefs regarding the nature, cause and purpose of things in the universe and usually religion involves ritual observances and devotions as well as a moral code.

Spirituality on the other hand is about being spiritual. Religion is established for different reasons. These exert control and instill morality in the person, they stroke egos too. Spirituality however is usually born in the individual and develops in him or her. It could be a result of religion or revelation. Spirituality is not just one facet of a person’s life but it extends to the complete life of the person. This is chosen by the individual whereas religion is thrust on a person at most times.  

The difference between the two is that spirituality is being and religion is about believing. Religion focuses on the content of the belief and the working of the belief. Spirituality on the other hand is about being attuned to affairs that are unworldly. One can be spiritual and not religious and the opposite is also possible. A person can be religious and yet not spiritual.

Religious people accept beliefs and they follow observances. A person that is spiritual on the other hand usually prays, meditates, reads scripture passages as well as does charity. This is because spirituality is abstract. However, there is a code as well as ethics which are tangible in religion. Spirituality on the other hand is not definable.

Religion offers you a promise of the after-life. Spirituality allows you to find God in yourself in the here and now. Religion is confined by memory but spirituality is more about freedom in awareness.

In religion, you normally are asked to renounce the world whereas spirituality shows you how you can live with God in the world. Religion is dialectic and feeds the ego whereas spirituality is logic and makes you transcend.

Spirituality and religion both are guides to help people to lead better lives, lives which are more meaningful and which help not only themselves but also fellow creatures. Both these if followed as per the principles and not in blind faith, lead to the person leading a more fruitful life.